Together, we are building a more unified Lebanon

What We Do

After decades of disinvestment and deterioration of the country’s social and financial services, our most disadvantaged and under-represented Lebanese communities are left without support or hope for a better life. By bringing together Lebanese expatriates and current residents, we can build a unified coalition with all the resources needed to create gradual change through collective political action. The Lebanese Forum is committed to the following key initiatives:

Building Coalition

We believe we can create a positive transformation in Lebanon. Lebanese Forum focuses on connecting Lebanese citizens near and far to demand a response in their home country. These connections create a coalition that will fuel momentum to flip the Lebanese political parties and promote more progressive opportunities that uplift all citizens.

Raising Political Awareness

Change will not come easily. Through our coalition, we aim to participate in the government in Lebanon and promote fixing the system that has ignored and left behind our Lebanese friends and families for generations. Under the banner of the Lebanese Forum, we will demonstrate action and run for unified advancement with an esteemed bloc of talented, bright, progressive individuals.

Establishing Funds

Together, we are stronger. Never before has a worldwide coalition been established to rise up to support the country of Lebanon. We believe this political alliance can bring new policies and politics to ensure every Lebanese citizen lives a quality life. But transformation does not come without a price, and we are committed to lasting advocacy.